Integral Management Policy

INSURCOL is committed for increasing customer satisfaction, with protection of environment by preventing pollution generated in their processes and to preservation, maintenance and improvement of individual and collective health of its employees, life quality of our workers, their families and communities where we develop our work, administration of risk and consolidation of a culture of information security. For above bases our policy:

Exceeding customer expectations by providing a serious, respectful and responsible, treatment offering top quality supplies, assembly, installation and maintenance on lines energy, metals and instrumentation and control, including construction and assembly works in civil specialties , mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and control, and design and development for construction works, erection, installation and commissioning of equipment with care and timely service through technical expertise and using highly qualified, motivated and emotionally related with organization, promoting mutually beneficial business relationships with our suppliers.

Identifying hazards, implementing safe work procedures; implementing epidemiological surveillance programs, medicine, industrial hygiene and safety, conducting training and providing personal protective equipment, to prevent and mitigate accidents, incidents and diseases related to risks properly identified in regulation of industrial health and safety, while maintaining adequate safety, preventing and controlling the potential risks that may cause damage to property and to financial integrity and that of our own customers. So the organization is committed to ensuring staff competence so that it executes tasks that impact on security and health HSE.

Identify and manage significant social-environmental aspects and impacts, such as sanitary dumping of sewage, solid waste, emissions and other gases that occur in development activities, contributing to preservation of environment, preventing pollution of soil, air and water, making efficient use of water and energy resources and ensuring proper disposal of wastes with commitment of organization, perform reduction of those impacts identified as significant, by training and staff training and establishing strategies for addressing climate change, by proper management of mobile source emissions, and refrigerant gases.

Ensure both in operations and in commercial relations with suppliers, contractors, customers and competitors compliance with good business practices, taking into account our values and principles clearly defined in the Code of Conduct. Also, INSURCOL, is committed to compliance with human rights, freedom of expression, free development and other actions to improve working conditions for their workers, having practices to improve and strengthen relations between the family-employee-company, thus achieving emotional stability, family and their economic, social action programs running and ensuring the proper use of resources invested by partners.

Protect, preserve and manage objectively the information from INSURCOL, along with the technologies used for processing, front to threats internal and premieres, deliberate or accidental, in order to ensure compliance with the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

It also undertakes to meet specific requirements and those who while not completely established, are necessary for specified or intended use, similarly, legislative, regulatory and applicable local laws and others who subscribe to organization, framing their systems Quality Management, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health and social responsibility and ethics in philosophy of prevention, continuous improvement, welfare and development of stakeholders and on the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 NTC, 2008 NTC, NTC ISO 14001:2004, NTC OHSAS 18001:2007, SGE 21:2008 and NTC ISO 27001:2013. Senior management continuously maintain economic support to all activities generated from implementation, development, maintenance and improvement of management systems. Management, consultants, professionals, technicians, administrative staff and service providers participate in the various programs agreed and disseminated in a creative process, prospective and persuasive, to achieve effectiveness in meeting all objectives of the Integral Management System.




Alvaro Gonzalez Rodriguez
General Manager